Female, lady, woman, girl, why there is so hatred,

When they are of the same red  blood

Now the poem will tell you about the story of women reversing from ashes which are burned,

To the time when she was born
An old lady tormented her whole life,

With the pain striking in her eyes asking to strive
The time she spent her whole life being judged,

Starting when she was young to getting old
Her all dreams, her aspirations were shattered,

When she look out in the past with the empty heart she just staggered
There was nothing she had, everything was illusion,

When she was young she was made to believe in delusion
Her dream were considered as cipher,

Easy to break as blowing to a house of cards
At the time of marriage she was traded,

her desires were scarred and was brutally invaded
She was considered as an item to lure

But if touched before, she Is not pure
Infused with sadness she was bound with knots,

Her everything was rammered including her thoughts
When she was younger everyone was blaming and no one to support,

She was scolded for wearing shorts
She was judged and was being cursed,

And considered slut for wearing short skirts
For the society, for the world every time she was the bait,

But for opposite sex no one’s Stern and no one’s strait
At the time she was born they made bad remarks,

As they were the ugly dogs of society who barks
Respect her for she’s the daughter, she’s the sister, she’s the mother,

Admire her thoughts and let her grow in the fountain of nurture


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