the blueville jodhpur

The blueville – Jodhpur

blue city jodhpur

The Blue city, the Sun City, the second largest city of the largest state Rajasthan, kingdom of the mighty Marwars.

Kissed with golden rays of the sun this outstanding city topped in lonely planet’s extraordinary places to stay in 2014

Rajasthan’s second “Metropolitan city” with a population of over a million Jodhpur is a destination worth a visit

Jodhpur from my window of vision


Again a fabulous trip with amazing memories embedded in it

After An overnight train journey from New Delhi to Jodhpur The journey began on the pleasant and sunny morning of 25th February 2015.

The excitement was at its supreme level as it was another trip with my big brother who inspired me towards the pleasure of wandering, travelling to different destinations to supply the supper for the mental starvation to discover

railway station
railway station

With a stay at the hotel nearby the railway station we all got ready up to 11:00 am and then had the spicy mirchi Wada and a staggering cup of butter tea for breakfast

After this we had an auto rickshaw to the TajMahal of Rajasthan ‘Umaid Bhawan’ though the autowala was charging a high price for the ride but after a good bargain the autowala settled at a reasonable price

umaid bhawan
umaid bhawan

The UMAID BHAWAN a royal palace with ¾ of the palace a hotel to stay and ¼ of the palace for the tourist sightseeing a beautiful heavenly structure similar to that of tajmahal

taj mahal of rajasthan
taj mahal of rajasthan

The rent for an overnight stay at this splendiferous palace is about 45000 which is quite high

The red lights at the top of the bhawan signifies the presence of the king as the light is lit up whenever the king is staying in the bhawan


The cordial reception there was very humble and coordinating which defines the reason behind the high quality hospitality of Rajasthan which also attracts a fair amount of tourists


The vintage car collection of the king is also on the display with a wide variety of old cars along with the vintage cars there was a museum which displayed the family history of the royal family the belongings of the family, the royal paintings and the ornaments of the imperial family

vintage car
vintage car

After a 2 hour visit at the royal Umaid bhawan then we headed towards the mighty MEHRANGARH FORT

. Again we took an auto rickshaw ride for Mehrangarh fort which is located in the old Jodhpur. The fort was constructed on a mountain i.e. at a decent height having a great view of the old Jodhpur



majestic mehrangarh
majestic mehrangarh

The goliath fortress situated on the mountain just flabbergasts you with the astonishing and impressive architecture and the museum of the royal belongings

The awe-inspiring paintings in the fort museum tells the royal Marwari history and the rich culture of the royal families

royal belongings
royal belongings

The crowned family’s cannons were placed at the top of the fort on the roof along with a mesmerizing view of the city

There is also a temple on the other side of mehrangarh fort

Where the royal family used to worship god


A deity of lord Shiva and the Shiva parivaar was placed on the lower end of the temple along with a lot of cactuses and other plants too

The mehrangarh fort offers a platform for the locals to work as all the people working there were the locals who lived nearby the fort and they weren’t paid by any sort of government but by the fundings given by the ruler there.

The local musician with a pleasing voice sung local rajasthani songs with melodies playing of the musical instruments they had


After the bewildering trip to the mehrangarh fort we moved towards the rock park i.e. jodharao rock park which is a vast rocky park

jodha rao
jodha rao

The rocky park displays a variety of flora and fauna of Jodhpur both migratory and local


The parks permits you to visit the boundaries of the fort with different colored paths showing diversified regions of the park

Also the flying fox an adventurous ride  on a rope where you will experience the fall from a high place tied with a rope

After such a rattling day with the tired feet we headed towards the hotel this time we took a bus which was far more cheaper than the autos but the problem was that it was a mini bus so after a few stops the bus just seems to be crowded But as the costs weren’t that high so the kind of ride the bus offered was affordable and tolerable too

This then lead to the end of the day with pleasing mental relaxation as the memory was recalled

On the second day we had a toothsome breakfast the spicy traditional food of Jodhpur after the breakfast we took a ride from the bus to the mandore garden which was placed on a mountain in the middle of the city the view from that garden was dazzling which demonstrated the concrete jungle



After the gardens we oriented towards investigating the local market The famous market of Jodhpur


A typical Indian market with wanderers and beggar. The shopkeepers calling out the prices of the products loudly

The famous market of Jodhpur where you can buy a lot of varied products at a well-founded price


This market is usually crowded with a lot of localities and tourists


You can also see a lot of tourists mainly foreigners clicking photographs of the streets and the people there


The trip to the city Jodhpur stupefied me and motivated me to travel to satisfy my hunger for travelling and exploring

We both travelled and explored Jodhpur






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